Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

At the week and the start of my Primal lifestyle I had a potential bump in the road. I met up with my colleague and a friend for happy hour to talk business and have a little girl time. At first we were supposed to go to I Love Sushi. Immediately I was worried about what I'd be able to eat. Then I just decided I'd eat some Nigiri Tuna (which is one of my favorites). Once we got there my colleague decided she wanted more for happy hour drinks so we headed to Lot No. 3. Once we got there I was anxious to see what was on the menu as I had never been there. I lucked out and saw that there were a few things that looked OK. We ended up ordering and sharing the "Roasted Cashews", "Meat and Cheese Board", and "Goat Cheese Toast". I know that alcohol is to be limited, and there are more favorable choices than others, so while I munched on the cashews and meat and cheese I sipped on a glass of Pinot Noir. I left feeling pretty good even though it was tough to avoid the yummy toast. 

One of the things that my colleague had been using for her fitness goals was a FitBit. I loved the idea of having something that would help me track my steps taken, floors climbed, total miles, calories burned, and sleep activity. I went straight over to Best Buy after happy hour and bought my very own for $99. Its only been a couple of days, but so far I LOVE it! I find myself motivated to do more and be more active to get my numbers higher. I highly recommend getting a FitBit if you would like to more closely track your activity and calories burned. I especially love the sleep feature since I generally have problems with getting enough sleep every night. 

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